Ontario Keeping Seniors Fit, Active, Healthy and Socially Connected in Niagara West

Grimsby – The Ontario government is continuing to invest in the health and well-being of local seniors through Seniors Active Living Centres in 2022-23, benefitting seniors in Niagara West. These centres will help local seniors stay fit, active, healthy and socially connected with all of their programs.

“Seniors Active Living Centres provide our seniors the quality of life they deserve,” said Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West.

“That is why our government is investing $151,343.23 in Seniors Active Living Centre programs in Grimsby, Lincoln and Pelham. Local Seniors Active Living Centre programming will provide support for older adults and their well-being by keeping them active and socially connected within their own communities.”

“Seniors Active Living Centres help keep seniors fit, active, healthy and connected to family, friends and our local communities,” said Hon. Raymond Cho, Minister for Seniors and Accessibility.

“Our government’s investment in Seniors Active Living Centres will help older adults come together and stay engaged. Seniors Active Living Centres are the glue that keeps our neighbourhoods together. This year’s funding shows our government’s ongoing and growing commitment to Ontario’s seniors throughout the province.”

The Town of Grimsby and Town of Pelham are receiving $54,014.41 in provincial support, while the Town of Lincoln is receiving $43,314.41.

“The Town of Grimsby is very excited to have our full suite of leisure activities up and running again at the Livingston Activity Centre,” said Sarah Sweeney, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture at the Town of Grimsby.

“COVID‑19 caused many disruptions to these programs, and it serves as a great reminder of just how valuable and necessary these services are to our 55+ population. This funding keeps these programs and services affordable and sustainable.”

“The Town of Lincoln is grateful for the province’s investment in our Seniors Active Living Centre programs,” said Sandra Easton, Mayor of the Town of Lincoln.

“This commitment will positively serve our community on our recovery journey from the pandemic. This investment will help ease the isolation many are experiencing and create a safe space for belonging and connection through imperative programs.”

“With the continued support of the province, the Town of Pelham is able to bring unique programming and services that encourage senior residents to stay connected in the community,” said Vickie vanRavenswaay, Director of Recreation Culture and Wellness at the Town of Pelham.

“It is encouraging to see so many of the older adult residents in Pelham benefiting from access to the variety of programs and assessable facilities offered at the Meridian Community Centre.”

The Ontario government remains committed to the safety, independence and well-being of Ontario’s seniors and supporting Seniors Active Living Centre programs.