Ontario Helping Wainfleet Public Library Provide Internet Access

Wainfleet – The Ontario government is investing up to $582,000 in Ontario’s public libraries this year through the Internet Connectivity Grant Program to provide Ontarians with reliable access to digital resources and in-demand services at their local public library.

This $122,000 increase over the support that was provided last year will enable up to 155 eligible public libraries that serve populations of 20,000 or less – like the Wainfleet Township Public Library in Niagara West – to be fully reimbursed for the costs of providing publicly accessible Internet services.

“This initiative reflects our government’s commitment to small town and rural Ontario,” said Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West.

“We are ensuring that residents in Wainfleet have access to the same level of services as residents of larger communities. Expanding access to high-quality Internet connectivity enhances the local quality of life for people throughout our riding.”

This funding announcement builds on the investments that the Ontario government is making to enhance broadband in Wainfleet, including rural projects in Camelot Beach, Long Beach, Morgan’s Point, Ostryhon Corners, Wainfleet Village and Winger.

“Public libraries are a critical part of the infrastructure that makes our communities thrive,” said Hon. Neil Lumsden, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport.

“This increased investment in public libraries will ensure people across the province have reliable access to the digital resources and in-demand services that they require to learn, grow and thrive.”

This funding will increase the support provided to Ontario’s public libraries last year by $122,000, enabling up to 155 eligible public libraries that serve communities of 20,000 or less – in particular, those in small, rural and First Nation communities – to be fully reimbursed for the costs of providing publicly accessible Internet access.

Ontarians rely on their local public library to access online tutoring and homework assistance, job training resources, learn or improve their language skills, and build and maintain social connections.

Since 2018, the Internet Connectivity Grant Program has provided the province’s public libraries with more than $3 million to ensure the communities they serve have reliable access to the Internet.

“The Wainfleet Public Library is a very important hub for residents to access Internet resources and services,” said Brian Grant, Mayor of the Township of Wainfleet.

“Ensuring high-speed Internet access at our local municipal library is not just a technological upgrade, but a crucial investment in empowering our community with knowledge, connectivity and opportunities for growth.”

“Access to reliable, high-speed Internet is more critical than ever in an increasingly digital world,” said Michelle Arbuckle, Executive Director of the Ontario Library Association.

“With more services, resources and businesses shifting to virtual platforms, the Ontario government’s enhanced investment in the Internet Connectivity program will support public libraries by helping to make high-speed Internet and digital resources accessible for all Ontarians.”